Meet Yvette Ulloa

Yvette Ulloa is an international speaker, world traveller, author and success coach. In 2010 Yvette was diagnosed with a deadly tumor, an ameloblastoma. At the time, the only known cure was to cut a quarter of her jaw, do reconstructive surgery from
her hip bone, and three surgeries in nine months, plus working her mouth shut, only hope to start rebuilding her life. Yvette Ulloa chose to share this blog in the hopes of inspiring you or someone you care about who is going through a healing journey.  Whether physical, emotional or both…Yvette’s goal is to provide a positive role model through the healing process.

Yvette Ulloa was diagnosed with ameloblastoma malignant tumor on Saturday, October 30th.  30 days later her father in law Galo Ulloa was killed in a truck accident. These were some of the most difficult days of her life. It’s been a growing journey, and opportunity to grow, and an endless search for holistic ameloblastoma treatment.  It was supposed to be a very invasive surgery, so She was trying anything to avoid it.

Feeling free, healed, ahead of the ameloblastoma treatment!

Yvette Ulloa practiced many healing methods on this journey.  She’s an entrepreneur, a love bug, a passionate wife, avid traveler (check out her adventures on Facebook) and a lover of life and people. Yvette Ulloa’s outcome is to help others who are hurting and help them through the healing process.  Especially if they are seeking ameloblastoma treatment.

Yvette Ulloa thanks God for making her strong and inspiring her to appreciate all the stops in my journey to seek the best ameloblastoma treatment. She would love to connect with you through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

30 Responses to Meet Yvette Ulloa

  1. Tim Gordon says:

    Praying for you

  2. Jan Orga says:

    Praying for you, Yvette. Thanks for honoring us with your journey.

  3. Bottomless says:

    ЎUf, me gustу! Tan clara y positiva.


  4. David (Atl) says:

    Thanks for blogging. Thanks for the inspiration. We’ve added you to our prayers and Healed List. Members in our class represent 27 different churches! We pray for the miracle of God’s grace, comfort, peace, joy, happiness upon you and God’s laser light to destroy the tumor! In Jesus Name!

  5. Erielle says:

    Yvette… you are such a beautiful and amazing woman! You have no idea how many livesyou have touched and helped change just by being you! So blessed to be part of this journey with you!

  6. Nancy and Jon Burianek says:

    You are an inspiration to so many people on so many levels and now it’s time for the rest of us to help support and inspire you. You and Dave have had a lot “hit” at one time. Our positive thoughts and prayers are being sent your way.

  7. Anne Mathew says:

    Great attitude towards life Yvette. The scripture says: there is trials and tribulations in this life but Jesus said, “cheer up I have overcome it”, so I love your attitude of gratitude, you are going to glorify God through this. will be praying.

  8. Riza Villarosa says:

    Hi Yvette,
    Thank you for sharing with me all about you and this interesting site. The lord is the greatest physician.He will take care of you.take good care always.god bless..

    keep in touch…Friend for life Riz 🙂

  9. Roman Vasylkiv says:

    Hello, Yvette!
    I have read some parts of Your blog, and I’m inspired by Your soul, struggling for life. Please, excuse my poor English, I’ve learned the common-speaking one and years ago. Now I have an alternative proposal for surgical treatment of ameloblastoma for You and other people having this tumor without removal of a part of mandible (upper or lower). Though I hope there is a mistake of diagnosis and You’re going to be allright without any surgery, contact me please at anyway. It will be interesting for both of us, anyway for me.
    I am a maxillo-facial surgeon in Ukraina (a country in central Europe). I can not offer You any website, because it isn’t done yet, and there’s much work to translate it to English.
    Well, now i’m running out of facts to convience You I’m not just another spammer. Thank You to writing me back.

    P.S.: my e-mail address is free for anyone to post any comments and problems.

  10. loren barber says:

    Hi Yvette: I stumbled across your blog this evening and would first of all say “may God bless you”. I also have an ameloblastoma and am extremely interested in your healing approach. If you would be so kind to answer tis email I would appreciate it immensely. I have not found anyone that will approach this from a homeopathic angle. Love Loren

  11. Carol says:

    hi yvette, i have just been diagnosed yesterday with ameloblastoma as well and i am still in shock. it hasnt sinked in yet. i was so overwhelmed with all the informations i was told so i dont know who to react. after the meeting with my consultant i even went straight to work. but when i reached home, i started surfing the net and was really dreaded with all the things i have read and watched in youtube. Until i came across your blogs. You are trully a brave and inspiring woman. May you continue to inspire and share your stories. I dont know where and how to start my journey. May God bless us.

    • yvette says:

      Carol, stay strong my friend, all will work out. I am still in waiting period for the bone to reconstruct but what has helped is that I worked on my spiritual journey, becoming a better person, and finding a gift in all this. Thank you so much and please let’s stay in touch…

  12. lena nordgård says:

    Yvette <3
    It was really brought to tears when you shared your story at the Bootcamp in Athens.
    Working with energymedicine i know how easy it is for most people to just follow the doctors advice. …
    U are so energetic and radiant, and u light up a room with positivity, love and light <3

    Hugs & Kisses, Lena
    (PS, i was on the Mykonos dreamtrip, but i know we didnt meet, cuz i sure would have remembered 😉

  13. Josette Ciappara says:

    Dearest, My heart is with you. I’ve also been through the worst. A humble advise that kept me on top was being my own observer through the whole process, believing that things ALWAYS happen for a reason and knowing that everything is in passing. You will come out the strongest from this experience. Looking back you will also be grateful for it !! You’re a star 🙂

  14. Dear Friends, I also have been troubled with ameloblastoma for a decade. It was just diagnosed correctly in the last month. I have had 3 surgeries so far to remove this bugger, but it regrows. Like Yvette, I have sought (and tried) numerous alternative type treatments to no avail. Yet, the ‘mainstream’ treatment is horrific, expensive emotionally and financially, and highly disruptive to one’s life. I certainly hope Yvette can send a report back to this blog very soon! Wish you the very best Yvette! Thanks,
    Mark in Honolulu

  15. Trent Ryan says:

    I stumbled across your blog and found it interesting. Then I saw this information about your search for healing. I’ve included my email and website with this reply… let me know if you would like my help…
    In health,

  16. Hannah M. Fernandez says:

    I have ameloblastoma almost six years and the doctors said to go surgery but i cannot afford so it was cancelled where can i get 180,000.00 for the operation. I dont have job and my husband right now still seeking for job. I have 3 kids..I think god has the reasons my surgery is cancelled..I see your blog at this moment im inspired that there is miracle nothing is impossible to god…
    thanks yvette for your wonderful story you shared!!!
    Hannah in Philippines

  17. Yvette and Dave – I have compiled 16 ebooks of talk radio shows and among them are a Health ebook and a New Age ebook. The Health ebook covers healthy living and lifestyles, fitness, health as a business advantage, healthcare leadership, natural healing, alternative medicine, medical travel, issues, education and treatment, addictions, abuse, drugs, nutrition, weight loss, deafness, disabilities, dentistry, and overcoming adversities. The New Age ebook covers astrology, metaphysics, Tarot, Angels, psychic development, parapsychology, holistic health, healing, mysticism, occult, mediums, and paranormal (ghosts, mysteries, unknown phenomena, UFOs, supernatural, futuristic and fringe science, conspiracy, crypto zoology, and theoretical psychics).

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    I would like to offer you those 10 entries for a sidebar for your blog and/or website. I will be happy to continually supply you with shows about healing as they come in. I will also mention your blog in my ezine for authors, Book Promotion Newsletter, published every other Wednesday, in every questionnaire I send to healing, and promote it on my website. In return all I ask is that you include a short blurb about the ebooks and a link to my website where the ebooks are featured with descriptions and prices.

    I am sure that your readers would like to be a radio guest and this will make it easy for them to reach responsive hosts.

    Please let me know if you are interested in this win-win opportunity.

    Best, Fran

  18. mariel says:

    mi nice was diagnostic with ameloblastoma weeks ago and yesterday she had the surgery, she is 14 yrs old, looks like she was in shock and until today she realized the dimension of the surgery. She keeps crying and crying. As her family how can we support her. I know with positivism but been within this situation is tough.
    Before the surgery she was laughing, happy she is a person with carism and energetic and a really positive person, but her reaction when she waked up this morning is strange.

  19. Betty Namusoke says:

    hi Yvette,

    am so happy to come across this blog, its so touching, recently i was also diagnosed by Ameloblastoma, and am still in a big shock and denial, but could u send me your email i want to know how the surgeries went and how was the healing process.


  20. Lisa says:

    Hey Yvette,
    My mother was diagnosed with Ameloblastoma and we can not fathom the thought of this surgery. Have you been cured without this surgery if so please get in touch with me.

  21. mandy says:

    I would like to know how you are faring and what you did?

  22. Jim Finn says:

    Sometimes we don’t understand why we are given such trial and thinking that is just so difficult to accept what life is given to us. These challenges were to given to us because we are much stronger to face the future. With the help of our family and friends,they will support you throughout your battle,whatever may happen they will always be there whenever you needed them. And lastly nothing beats the power of Prayer! Be well!

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