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Coming home after almost a month of treatment…

Ahhhhh… the sweet feeling of coming home after being gone for almost a month…boy I’ve been through it. Chaos, fear, happiness, excitement, emotional rollercoasters, alternative healing, prayers, treatments, possibilities, conversations, faith, hope — but most of all…being so far away, … Continue reading

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Are you turning your man into a frog? You will be shocked how…

Have you ever met a great man, and then all of the sudden he became a jerk?  Did he really become a jerk or did you (if you’re dating him) or someone you know make him into a jerk? If … Continue reading

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Ameloblastoma miracle…a holiday story with a happy ending

  It’s five days before Christmas.  I am out of the country for a month healing, for the third time this year, and manifesting a huge huge miracle. As a little girl, I grew up in a very religious home … Continue reading

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Surfing through the grace of God…

I’m in awe of how much love, prayers and blessings we have received during the toughest part of my journey. Every day I feel so strong because your prayers are uplifting me with strength, unbelievable faith and a connection to … Continue reading

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Citrus Elixir

Here is one of my favorite detox juicing recipes! Every time I would buy a green juice it was never the perfect taste so I decided to create my own recipe! This us a great way to start a cleanse … Continue reading

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Lucky 7 of 28 Blogs…Blessings this Easter..and 90 days to get fit!

Everybody can dream! And if God put the desire in your heart, he has also given you the way to achieve it! Seek it, get your mindset in the right place, apply the right action, and you will see your … Continue reading

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Dreams do come true…

Okay okay…so I’m a couple of blogs behind on my 28 day blog challenge…boy I”m going to have to work overtime on something that brings me so much joy 🙂 Today I wish to talk about dreams coming true.  Just … Continue reading

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Blog 4 of 28…it’s been one week

It’s been one week since the surgery and I’m still in a lot of pain — a lot more than I expected. I’m very strong and even with a strong mindset I’m still throbbing and it feels like a part … Continue reading

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Day 3 of 28…today’s blog focused on getting out of your comfort zone

One of the most important things you can do in life is to live outside your comfort zone. See, in life you’re either growing or you’re dying, there is no in between. What have you done in the last six … Continue reading

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Blogging with gratitude…day 2 of 28

Today I’m blogging from Steamboat Colorado, with total gratitude for the transformations in my life. Transformation in my mindset, because I used to allow my emotions to drown me. Transformation in my health, because I used to eat like Ms. … Continue reading

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