Ameloblastoma Treatment

According to Wikipedia, ameloblastoma comes from the English word amel, meaning enamel + the Greek wordblastos, meaning germ is a rare, benign tumor of odontogenic epithelium (ameloblasts, or outside portion, of the teeth during development) much more commonly appearing in the mandible than the maxilla.

While these tumors are rarely malignant or metastatic (that is, they rarely spread to other parts of the body), and progress slowly, the resulting lesions can cause severe abnormalities of the face and jaw. Additionally, because abnormal cell growth easily infiltrates and destroys surrounding bony tissues, wide surgical excision is required to treat this disorder.
Ameloblastoma treatment includes removal of the tumor through surgery as well as removing around 2 mm around the tumor as well as the gums and teeth around it to avoid future growth.  Sometimes it is necessary to go into the jaw bone and remove it.  Ameloblastoma treatment also may include placing a metal instead of the bone to support strength as well as reconstructive surgery where they would go into the hip to remove a portion of the hip bone and reconstruct the jaw.

I have yet to have found holistic ameloblastoma treatment but I am ON A MISSION!  So far, I am working with one of the best doctors in the world who has helped many of my friends who had tumors and removed them in a holistic way.

Additionally, a big part of the ameloblastoma treatment is to work on the emotional side and deal with the emotions attached to the surgery.  Personal growth and working on the inner game are just as important.  When I heard that this surgery might take me out of the game for a year because of the three major surgeries that are a possibility in my situation, I decided I was not going to let that rule my life.  I decided instead of saying the words “take me out of the game”, that I would use this ameloblastoma treatment to help me master my emotions, give me a fun break, and help me look inside my soul to align with my mission

AHHHH….the power of words!

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  1. Great stuff Yvette, I have great confidence you will beat this.

  2. Rick White says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God give you peace
    and strength in equal measures. Stay strong my friend!

  3. Greg White says:

    I know one thing and that is you are a fighter. This thing you have doesn’t stand a chance against you. Thoughts and prayers flowing your way.

  4. Nancy Petersen says:

    I hope someday to sit down and chat with you, I think you are so incredibly brave and I admire you so much.

  5. Ramon says:

    Yvette, you are grace, you are strength, you are an overcomer, you are victorious. You have my prayers, positive energy, support and everything else you need to beat this.

  6. Yvonne says:

    Amor, because you have been so open about your surgery I have began to read your blogs to my mother who will be having surgery Dec 1st to remove 1/3 of her right lung. She loves your attitude and she knows that having positive people and positive thoughts will get you through every stage in life. She is encouraged by your words and for this I thank you. I thank you for your courage. The awesome thing is when I read your blogs I can hear your voice speaking what I read and this brings comfort to me in other personal areas in my life. Thank you and God will be with you through it all. We are praying for you and believing WITH you that this road you are on will fortify the solid foundation you already stand on. YOU ARE A LEADER OTHERS WANT TO FOLLOW! Carino y amor.

  7. Chelsi W. says:

    If anyone can beat this… YOU can Yvette. I look forward to watching you be a part of history through your “MISSION” to conquer this.

  8. Sharon Irene says:

    Dear Yvette,
    Your passion, strength, courage and awareness will continue to be with you as you take this fun ride in the hand of God. It is WONDERFUL that you see every aspect of your life as an adventure and opportunity for growth.
    I offer you the best and most fabulous tool I have ever found for easily manifesting our DREAMS. The One Command. It is highly effective, makes sense and can work quite quickly. fb message me if you would prefer to talk to me about it rather than go to a website.
    Con mucho amor, tu amiga,
    Sharon Irene

  9. Carol says:

    Yvette…You are amazing! Many are watching you! Your attitude and Right Mind Set is being modeled for others to see. I will pray for you…..God loves you ! YOU WILL RECOVER!

  10. Sandy Duncan says:

    Yvette! So sorry to hear you have to go through this. Please think about the priesthood blessing that is available to you just for the asking. The act of asking for the blessing is indicative of your faith. The blessing is predicated on your faith. You know all of this. Exercise your faith, my dear. I have always thought you were remarkable and special. My prayers are with you. Let me know how you are doing. I will keep my eye on FB for your progress as well.

    Much love,


  11. Barbara Miller says:

    My prayers are with you, and I will ask all our worldventures friends here to hold you in their thoughts and prayers as well. This will pass, and you will always be a beautiful soul, inspiring others to be their best. You are much loved and admired. Thanks for sharing so much, and helping so many in their life journeys. Blessings!!

  12. sharon 2k magpali says:

    My dear friend Yvette .. you are a woman of strength and love and an inspiration to many. Not only are you one of the few strongest woman I’ve ever known personally .. you certainly epitomize the resilience, flexibility and strength of every woman who desire to unveil their own God given gifts inside and have yet to discover. I believe with absolute certainty that you will weather this storm gracefully and elegantly my friend. I’ll be following this journey of yours and excited to see it unfold. And that’s only because I truly have a hunch that thru this, you will come out on top, sharing and inspiring as you always do .. Defying the odds and setting new standards 🙂 I miss and love u very much (its been forever!). Sending much love, good vibes and black and coke to you Dave. Love and prayers ~S2kMags~ ((((((big.hugs)))))

  13. Heidi Bass says:

    Hi Yvette, I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this–but I know how strong you are and you’re right–positive focus and mindset is the key to get through it. I know you will get through this and be stronger, wiser, and in an even better place than when you started. How do I know this–because I, too went through a similar ordeal, and I feel God wants me to share this with you today. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy meaning when I share how God used my trial to bless my life, it becomes a prophecy for your experience and gives you faith to know God will bless you and make you stronger through it all.

    Many people in WV don’t know this except my closest friends–the year prior to God bringing me to WV was one of the most difficult, challenging, years in my life.

    In one year, in spite of prayers for healing miracles, I had three surgeries–one was a hysterectomy at age 40 so natural born children were out of the picture for me. I was homebound and mostly bed-ridden for 8 months, broke up with my fiance of 7 years just months prior to all this, so I felt like I was all alone through the ordeal, gained 35 lbs, and slipped into a horrible depression.

    But like you–I’m a fighter and choose to stay positive and believe God has a reason and a purpose for not healing me miraculously, and knew when I got through it, I would be stronger in my faith, closer to God, and better off than when I started– and I was.

    Just prior to my second surgery–I got a beagle puppy, Scamper–one of the greatest decisions and joys in my life–she’s extra special and sweet– a true blessing from God. Then I prayed I could find a house with a yard for Scamper, as my condo was too small, and I was led to a gorgeous little house of my dreams. Finally, after my third surgery, I prayed for Christian friends to travel with, as none of my friends could afford to, and I knew I wanted to get back into life after a year 1/2 off, and travel seemed like a great way to start. Two week’s later my neighbor invited me over, I met Tim and Hali, the rest is history.

    Today, I can honestly look back and be grateful for the trials I went through and know with absolute certainty–I am stronger, wiser, closer to God, and in a much better place. I’ve now lost 25 of the 35 lbs, made some amazing friends, experienced some of the best personal development training ever in my 24 year career, and been on 12 incredible DreamTrips with some of the most fun people I’ve ever met in my life!

    I now know, if I didn’t have to have the surgeries or broken up with my fiance, I’d still be living in my condo, not traveling as he really didn’t like to go places, wouldn’t have Scamper, my beautiful doll house with beveled glass windows, or belong to one of the most fun travel clubs in the world.

    I thank God daily for not healing me and even the challenges I had and the opportunity he blessed me with to grow into who I am today.

    I hope and pray you, too, can look back at this growth opportunity years down the line, and thank God for the blessing he gave you and the opportunity to become even better than you are today!

    You are in my prayers and I can’t wait to hear the testimony of how God blesses you, strengthens your faith, and brings you through to a better place in your future so you to can be a witness to someone who is facing challenges and give them encouragement as I hope I have encouraged you! 😉

    Take Care!

  14. Peggy says:

    Hi Yvette,
    I met you in September 2009 at a training event and was blown away by your energy on stage, and because of your spirit I know you will beat this and come out on top. Recently I have been on my own healing journey, so I understand somewhat of what you’re going through. And reading your blog has inspired me. I’m sending you good healing vibes. 🙂

  15. Yvette,

    You cease to amaze me! Your attitude towards everything is a true blessing. I think God uses people like you who can take a challenge and turn it into a Ministry to reach others with a positive message. You are a real inspiration and I pray God heels you and uses your message to heal 100’s if not 1000’s of other people.

    God Bless, Sean

    • yvette says:

      Thank you Sean!!! I really appreciate your feedback and thoughts…it has definitely been a journey and i’m being re-focused on new things that are definitely impacting my life at a high level! Thank you so much for your kind thoughts! Love, Yvette

  16. Kristin Toft says:


    You have such an amazing spirit I have no doubt that you will kick this thing the holistic way! Did you ever hear of Brandon Bays? She was one of Tony’s trainers back in the days of Mastery U in Hawaii. She cured a tumor the size of a basketball with many of the techniques you’ve mentioned. If you haven’t read her book “The Journey” check it out. I read it every time I go on a detox retreat.

    Stay inspired! And you will continue to inspire us all 🙂


  17. Carlos Martinez says:

    Hi Yvette,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post! You are more than a conquerer in Christ! By His wounds you are healed! Keep walking by faith!

    God bless you,

  18. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to send you an e-mail. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

  19. Arlene Chin says:

    I’ve been dealing with ameloblastoma recurrence in my posterior left mandible for the last 29 years. All my 6 surgeries have been conservative — curettage and enucleation. I’m finally seeing a new oral surgeon. Needless to say the conservative approach just hasn’t worked. I will be having 2 surgical procedures to get rid of these little buggers once and for all. First, I’ll have a segmental jaw resection with a titanium plate placed in the missing space that will be removed. I’ll lose 2-3 teeth. After I heal (around 2 months), the second surgery will involve a bone graft harvested from my hip (ileac crest). That will be placed in my jaw with the titanium plate acting as a scaffolding for the bone to be absorbed with the rest of the jaw. They say the bone graft site will actually hurt more than jaw. All this will have to be done from the outside in order to keep my teeth aligned. So, I’ll have a good size scar from under the ear behind the jaw going down under my chin. It will take about 6 months to wait for the graft to take before implants can be placed (another surgery). Then I have to wait for the titanium post to bond with the bone before artificial teeth are placed on them.
    It can be an 18-month ordeal before it’s all over. Besides all my oral surgeries…3 of them with general and 3 with local anesthesia, I’ve had 3 abdominal surgeries (2 c-sections, 1 ovarian cyst) so I’m no stranger to surgery, but I’m really scared this time!
    One just has to look on the positive side. Although they are a nuisance, ameloblastomas are benign tumors.

    • Joyce says:

      I am have the surgery on Wednesday!!! I am so scared…I do not know what to expect!! it is small but they will take 4-6 teeth and 1 inch around for the margin!! I will have a bridge when I leave the office ( having it under local, but Dr. says I will not rememeber a thing???) I am a therapist…will I be able to talk??? Pain??? Any info will be helpful!!! Thanks! Joyce

    • betchie mesias says:

      i was encourage by your toughness..your so strong i hope my brother can read this he just stay at home and hiding because he’s ashamed of his situations…he’s 19 now he got that when he was 16…

      just be strong i will extend my prayers to you too…GOD WILL DO A GREAT MIRACLES TO YOU…HE’S OUR BEST PHYSICIAN AND HEALER!!!!

      GOD BLESS!!

      • yvette says:

        Thank you so much. Please have your brother read all this and get him the book by Tony Robbins, Unleash the Giant Within. I may be able to get him a scholarship to attend Tony’s event which helps people break through obstacles and have strength to carry on. It helped me a lot. if you’d like me to talk on the phone with him i’m happy to. Lots of blessings…Yvete

  20. Monico Perez says:

    Great information Yvette, you are in our prayers. You are truly amazing and have such a great outlook on life. I hope one day to get to that level of thinking that you and Dave are at. I want to link to your blog if that’s ok just to get more people to view your blog!

  21. Carol says:

    hi. i was just diagnosed with ameloblastoma last thursday. 3.8 cm on my lower left jaw. upto now it hasnt sinked in yet. im due to see my consultant next week for further be honest, im really scared specially with what i have read in the net….can u possibly give some insights on how are you going through all these. based from what i read, u seemed to be very positive and that surgery is not an option for u. i am getting so depressed lately. although i still have to be thankful that it is indeed benign..I still have faith in God that he gave me this kind of disease because he knows I can handle it.
    Thank you yvette and may
    God bless us.



  22. betchie mesias says:

    hello i really love this site because its been a long time now since i look for an answer about this ameloblastoma,because my brother is one of the victim,its been almost three years that he has this,we went to a lot of check ups and x-ray,but all the doctors advice us to have him a surgery as soon as possible,but due to financial problem until now he’s so sad and worried in fact he stop schooling,i hope i can encourage and comfort him,,,i really pity him….though im just new here,can i ask if you know some agency that can help in this kind of situations?is there any free medical missions that i can recommend my bother?..your help and love and concern will be highly appreciated,,,may GOD bless us all!!!
    thank you,
    sincerely ,

  23. Barbara Charles says:

    Yvette. I am so glad you are doing well and recovering. You are an inspiration. Continue to get better. I have never met anyone with your strength, determination and love. God Bless. Barbara

  24. Linda Fuller says:

    I was just diagnosed with ameloblastoma Jan 3rd,2012 after a cyst biopsy and then the next surgery it was discovered that the tumor was ameloblastoma. It is such a rare tumor that I feel God does not give us more than we can handle and not once have I questioned why me? I know I have a very good doctor and I go back for consoletation on the 2nd of Feb. He did say we would attack this very aggressively and I may have to get a couple of surgerys not looking forward to that but that is part of this package. I have so many family and friends praying for me that I know I will be fine. Thank you so much for your blog!

  25. Dr.Sumathy says:

    one o f my friend is diagnosed as of now nothing is planned.
    he is a non believer.lets all join and pray for him.god must do a miracle to him.

  26. Natalie Lusa says:

    I was just diagnosed after reading about it and the surgery I’m really scared. I just finished my nursing program I’m so scared. Any advice? Thanks Natalie

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