An update on my ameloblastoma miracle…

If you do something you’ve never done, and you get a little out of your comfort zone, you can create your miracle.  Sometimes the answers are so so far away.  But they are there. I didn’t think I would find … Continue reading

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Healing can get pretty messy at times…

Well hello you amazing being, you.  With your full potential.  With all your faults, with all the great things you bring to this earth.  Today’s blog is about being okay feeling human. When I share my story, sometimes I say … Continue reading

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Biggest Lessons during My Toughest Year…Bless and Release

As I was facing the toughest year of my life and was going to go through a 10 hour surgery for an incurable illness, i faced divine intervention.  Grace took over and God walked me while I had nothing left … Continue reading

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Coming home after almost a month of treatment…

Ahhhhh… the sweet feeling of coming home after being gone for almost a month…boy I’ve been through it. Chaos, fear, happiness, excitement, emotional rollercoasters, alternative healing, prayers, treatments, possibilities, conversations, faith, hope — but most of all…being so far away, … Continue reading

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Are you turning your man into a frog? You will be shocked how…

Have you ever met a great man, and then all of the sudden he became a jerk?  Did he really become a jerk or did you (if you’re dating him) or someone you know make him into a jerk? If … Continue reading

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My healing update, 1 step forward, 1/2 step back

Let the healing continue. Stronger doses of IV cocktails, stronger protocol, more disciplined on the food, Accupuncture, NSA, Lympathic massage, infrared sauna, all homeopath treatments to speed up the healing, mixed with western scientific tracking and results. We shrunk the … Continue reading

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My life is not all Cloud 9 – my scan update

I have not written a blog post in a while.  I almost replaced my blog with Facebook posts…but I realize it’s so important to stay connected by writing deeper, lengthier, more detailed facts about my journey to healing…as I am … Continue reading

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Ameloblastoma miracle…a holiday story with a happy ending

  It’s five days before Christmas.  I am out of the country for a month healing, for the third time this year, and manifesting a huge huge miracle. As a little girl, I grew up in a very religious home … Continue reading

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What next?

I want to start with so much gratitude for the incredible love and messages I keep getting from all of you…some of you even sending me cards at home every couple of days, I love you!! I have also, received … Continue reading

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Surfing through the grace of God…

I’m in awe of how much love, prayers and blessings we have received during the toughest part of my journey. Every day I feel so strong because your prayers are uplifting me with strength, unbelievable faith and a connection to … Continue reading

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