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Two weeks away…

Dear friends…a glimpse of a miracle has shown up in my life.  For those prayer warriors and beautiful community that have been praying, meditating, sending healing intentions, I ask you continue to put out the intention of a miracle.  Whether … Continue reading

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It’s been a while…news news news in my life…

It’s been a while since I’ve been blogging.  I’m getting started again.  I’ve been on a waiting period…God put me in the classroom and taught me some lessons on patience, trust and relinquish.  In trusting that he has my back..and … Continue reading

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Got diagnosed Oct. 30th…thoughts from Israel…on ameloblastoma treatment

Posted on Tuesday, live from Israel from journal entry… Today is Monday 5:38 pm in Dallas, but we are actually in Israel at 1:39 am on Tuesday morning.  We are surrounded by an incredible peer group, called the Platinum Partners … Continue reading

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Biopsy Surgery in Utah: great growing day!

As I was going into surgery, the doctor told me two things.  I had a red carpet event coming up in a week, and I was concerned about my jaw being swollen from the surgery.  Or missing teeth?  Lol…he said … Continue reading

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